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Our studio is led by founder-director, Dr. Madan Bali. Dr. Bali’s mission is to spread joy, peace and bliss through the teachings of yoga. Through his research and training he is actively engaged in compiling proven methodologies and breakthrough evidence about the therapeutic benefits of yoga, which includes medical and clinical studies.

Dr. Bali aims to create worldwide awareness that the intelligence of the body has infinite organizing and healing power to consciously mobilize and increase our capacity to renew and regenerate to eliminate disease and suffering. Dr. Bali believes yoga to be a prescription for human wellness and that we all have the ability to learn how to heal ourselves.

NEW! Teacher training certification Level 2: begins June 29th


FREE INFO SESSIONS : Call 514-932-7971 for details.

Yoga Teacher Training Certification Level 1

This 200 hour program will prepare and enable you to teach yoga in a meaningful way. Learn the Dr. Bali Method for personal development and growth to improve physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Yoga Teacher Training Certification Level 2

Delve deeper into the Dr. Bali Method for using yoga as a therapeutic approach. Upon completion of the program you will be able to become a member of Académie des Naturopathes et Naturothérapeutes (ANN), enableing you to issue receipts to your clients for possible reimbursement from their insurance company.

The Happiness Program

This 5 month program will help you find deeper meaning, develop stronger relationships and harness the power of the mind. Learn the Dr. Bali Method to access the field of all possibilities within to create, love, joy, happiness and abundance in everyday life.

Drop-in yoga classes

Yoga classes for all levels, advance, intermediate and beginner participants are guided to follow the routine where each person can work at their own capacity. Each yoga class runs for about two hours and incorporates relaxation, asana, pranayama and meditation.

8-week yoga course

Learn how to manage stress and stress related problems –particularly psychosomatic conditions. Each one of the yoga classes focuses on asanas, pranayama, relaxation and meditation to experience new insights. In the eight week sessions you will experience yoga as the finest technology for healing and wellness.

Personal Therapeutic sessions

90-minute private sessions with Dr. Bali, PhD. This method of therapeutic massage can be beneficial for treating psychosomatic disorders such as asthma, hypertension, insomnia and other chronic issues. This technique is also extremely helpful for stress management. 

Gift Certificates

Available for purchase: individual $20, $50 and $100 gift cards to share your love of yoga. Contact us or visit the studio for more information. 


Yoga Teacher Training

Learn. Teach. Grow.


8 week course

Find your bliss in 60 days.


Drop-in yoga classes

For any level. Dozens of classes to choose from.


Personal Consultation

Stress management with Dr.Bali, PhD.

Dale’s Story

“Dr. Bali’s yoga certification program in 2006 was an important part of my personal growth in spirituality. It opened the door for exploring my spirituality further and developing my personal leadership. Since that time my husband and I moved out of the province. In September 2013 we transferred our lives to British Columbia to further the company I started 3 years ago in Montreal. The principles of the Dr. Bali method have kept me focused; open to possibilities and given me the awareness to let things happen. Both my husband and I practice yoga every morning using Dr. Bali’s method. It helps us to reduce stress and stay present. In my work as a personal leadership expert I apply the principles in my approach to working with people and organizations on their leadership and communication skills. I have deep gratitude that Dr. Bali has been part of my life.” – Dale Choquette.


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