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A look back on the Omega Institute Workshop

“The intelligence of the body is infinitely resourceful—self-sufficient with its own inner pharmacy and automated technology. This intelligence can help the body reverse the aging process and heal the discomfort and disease that millions of people suffer from in their everyday life.” —Dr. Madan Bali  …

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June is Play

“You can discover a more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” Richard Lingard   June is the month to consider PLAY at YOGA BLISS.  Dr. Bali shares with us many aspects of play including how to see…

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May is Simplicity

Let go of struggle and attachment this May at Yoga Bliss and discover Simplicity.  From May 1st to May 7 every yoga session will help you explore how to create simplicity in your life. Learn more about what Dr. Bali has to say about how to find simplicity. 

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