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May is the month of Simplicity at Yoga Bliss. Dr. Bali shares with us what simplicity means and how to achieve greater simplicity in our lives. Join us for special meditations focusing on simplicity the first week of May. WHAT IS SIMPLICITY? Simplicity is quite…

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AnandaOm Yoga Bliss Retreat in Costa Rica

AnandaOm Yoga Bliss Retreat in Costa Rica with Dr. Madan Bali (Yoga Bliss) and GM Brana (AnandaOm) We invite you to experience an incredibly deep transformation in the rainforest sanctuary of Costa Rica with Dr. Bali & GM Brana, MSc. Enjoy 100% organic plant-based nutrition, practice…

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Montreal Chant Festival June 20

The Montreal Yoga Music Festival (Montreal ChantFest) is about celebrating life, connecting with your divine self, your fellow brothers and sisters through a rich cultural and social experience. It’s not just about music and yoga, but about the human experience and how we interact one and…

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Workshop in Peru

Machu Pichu Yoga Retreat for Happiness and Healing

Join Dr. Bali for a mystical Journey to the Inca civilization in Perú May 10-16, 2015 The trip includes: Transfers to and from Cusco-Airport Round trip transfers to all tours Hotel Accommodations at Hotel Sacred Valley and Aguas Calientes Train from Ollantaytamto to Machu Pichu….

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