Expo Yoga Montreal

It was an amazingly well-organized event at Palais des Congrès de Montréal last weekend, and we’d like to thank all the devoted and smiley volunteers, as well as organizers André-Claude, his wife Katrina and Mélanie for their beautiful work in putting it all together. Expo Yoga, the first major Yoga exhibition in the province was very well attended and attracted a huge crowd of happy people. With over 50 classes, workshops and conferences given by renowned local and international yoga teachers, over 200 exhibitors specialized in Yoga, healthy eating, wellness, fitness, specialized equipment, and much more, what was there not to be happy about? Whatever the case, 93-year old Dr. Madan Bali, founder of the Dr. Bali Method and presenter, was thrilled! Click here to get a taste of what it was like to attend his workshop; it was a full-house of over 100 participants who learned and experienced first-hand the benefits of his long-proven therapeutic and healing Yoga method that focuses on the subtle body – the autonomic nervous system from which all stress and emotions emanate. Dr. Bali reported enjoying himself plenty as he did what he loves most – to spread seeds of love and healing wherever he goes. Thank you Dr. Bali!