Dr. Bali aims to create worldwide awareness that the intelligence of the body has infinite organizing and healing power to consciously mobilize and increase our capacity to renew and regenerate to eliminate disease and suffering. Dr. Bali believes yoga to be a prescription for human wellness and that we all have the ability to learn how to heal ourselves.

Through the Yoga Bliss Research Institute, Dr.Bali is actively engaged in compiling new developments and information about the practice of yoga, which includes medical and clinical research. He has worked with the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation to help patients improve their lifestyle, rebuild confidence, and overcome fears and anxieties that might be the underlying cause of the condition.

Following Dr. Bali’s holistic approach through regular yoga practice can reverse the aging process, energize your body and consciously stimulate optimal levels of wellness. Our bodies are equipped with an exquisite feedback system that we need to rediscover, achieved only by quieting the mind. We must to learn how to manage stress to reduce our chances of illness or avoid vulnerability completely.

Oncology Research

YOGA AS PSYCHOLOGY: The Bali Method and Breast Cancer Patients Yoga is an ancient Indian discipline in which meditation is used to promote the well-being of both body and spirit. And it can even help women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer enjoy a better quality…

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