Wellness Centre & Outreach

Yoga Bliss instructors and students are networking with health care professionals and health and social service facilities to offer their clientèle a chance to heal body and soul through Yoga!

Altruistic care is our mission.

In keeping with ancient Indian tradition, we believe that everyone has the right to experience authentic Yoga’s ability to heal. With the help of donors and sponsors and the hard work of Yoga Bliss instructors, we will bring donation based yoga programs and drop-in classes to underserved populations. In particular, to people with limited income who are dealing with both a chronic health condition and mental illness or social isolation. Conditions can include Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, cancer, cardiac illness, chronic pain, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Our Wellness Outreach programming will touch people who would otherwise have no chance to experience yoga, both at Yoga Bliss and at the external locations where our teachers will go to find them. We are reaching out to hospitals, clinics, senior centres, community centres, schools and shelters. This program will also be accessible through video sessions, special events and house calls (private sessions in the comfort of your home). Our aim is to make healing and wellness through Yoga accessible to as many people as possible, and to those who truly need it.

We aim to partner with researchers in Montréal’s universities to monitor the effects of a genuine Yoga practice on those to whom we bring yoga, thanks to your support.

Dr. Bali Method Yoga’s ability to help cancer patients regain hope and trust in their bodies and themselves has already been shown in research (UQÀM and CHUM). Yoga can serve as a complementary healthcare prescription for physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing. The power of a genuine yoga practice to mobilize the body’s infinite capacity to self-organize and heal, renewing and regenerating the whole person to overcome disease and suffering, is increasingly acknowledged in and beyond the city of Montréal. Yoga radically improves patients and caregivers lives and is an immeasurable support system in times of need and transition. Dr Bali Method yoga instructors aspire to apply their lifelong apprenticeship of yoga with evidence-based yoga research findings to relieve individual and social suffering.

This Wellness Outreach project will be a first of its kind in Montréal: Yoga instructors partnering with researchers to bring the relief that a genuine yoga practice provides, to those who would otherwise neither experience, nor have no access to it.

If you are inspired by this mission, interested in donating to or sponsoring it, or would like to offer help or ideas to further this cause, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

If you would like to read about the many lives that have already been touched by Dr.Bali’s Method, visit our testimonials page.

Together we can make a difference! Namaste.