San Diego Yoga Festival on Ocean Beach, California 

Dr. Bali was one of the much-awaited teachers at the San Diego Yoga Festival, an event that attracted a few thousand people from all walks of life, initiating them to the joys of Yoga. Dr. Bali was actually quite the star that week in San Diego, as he was interviewed for both the San Diego Tribune and the San Diego Yoga Magazine. As a special treat from us to you, we’ve posted one of these articles –  “This is the Moment to Treasure, An interview with Dr. Madan Bali, PhD” –  on our Website. It’s a great read so don’t miss it!

Also, while in San Diego, our engaged and ever so active Dr. Bali didn’t miss the opportunity to visit the Deepak Chopra Center where he was warmly welcomed by the staff and faculty members who gave him a tour of the beautiful Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, CA. Last but not least, he was also honoured to share the wonders of his method, the Dr. Bali Method, as he was invited by instructor Eddy Faiz to give a short workshop to the participants of an Ayurvedic workshop that was taking place that weekend. All members and participants dearly appreciated his presentation.