Teacher Training Level 2


Starts November 2017


Course overview

This additional 200 hour program will enable you to delve deeper into the Dr. Bali Method for yoga as a therapeutic approach. Upon completion of the program you will be able to become a member of Académie des Naturopathes et Naturothérapeutes (ANN). The ANN is a multidisciplinary group which has accredited more than 5,000 naturopaths or naturotherapists across Canada since its foundation in 1987. The organization is available to all practitioners in alternative medicine expecting support of a credible group which is acknowledged by the majority of group insurance companies. This will enable you to issue receipts to your clients for possible reimbursement from their insurance company.

There will be an intensive internship and final exam in order to complete this Level 2 yoga teacher course. Successful participants will be awarded a Yoga Teacher Training Certification on completion of the course. In the case of non-completion of the yoga teacher training course, fees will not be refunded.

Note: Level 1 must be completed prior to commencing Level 2. If you have a similar certification already completed, please contact Dr.Bali to see if your previous teacher training is equivalent or comparable to allow for Level 2 registration.



If learning and sharing the knowledge and healing technique of Dr. Bali’s Yoga method is something that’s been calling you, but that you have not been able to do because of the inability to afford the cost, please click on the link  to learn about the generous gift of Healing that Dr. Bali has decided to make accessible to all.

Program Details

The Yoga Teacher training Level 2 course, under the guidance of Dr. Madan Bali PhD explores the aspects of yoga and its highly evolved techniques, and aims to deepen your understanding of the body and mind mechanisms to provide alternative solutions to healing, happiness and wellness.

  • 20 hours of Anatomy.
  • 20 hours Neuro Science and Biochemistry.
  • 20  hours Quantum Healing and Quantum Physics.
  • 10 hours Specialized Techniques such as Kriyas, Bandas, Pranayama & Mudras for internal cleansing.
  • 20 hours Chakra System, Sacral Cranial and hands on Energy Work and Mantras
  • 20 hours Study research and training for therapeutic work
  • 20 hours Yoga as Psychology for counselling and dealing with emotions and STRESS Management
  • 40 hours Study of classical texts and philosophical understanding of meaning and purpose of life for self knowledge from Vedanta, Sankhya and Pantanjali’s Sutras central to Yoga methodology for peak experience of healing and wellness.
  • 20 hours Intensive internship during and after the course.
  • 10 hours Take home exam for final certification.
    200 Total Hours