The Dr. Bali Method



The Bali Method focuses on the subtle body, which corresponds to the autonomic nervous system from which stress and emotions emanate. The subtle body represents the non-physical aspects of the human totality and the energy centers called the Chakras. These are the centers through which communication between the physical, psychological and spiritual states are maintained.

The body’s innate intelligence can and does evolve and protect itself from any functional decline or deficit. It is the mind and the negative energy of our fears, anxieties and frustrations that keep interfering with the process of healing. Dr. Bali focuses on the development of consciousness to enhance our intuition and the creative powers of the mind and body, as well as awaken in us the power to heal ourselves.

Dr. Bali aims to attune your mind to the processes of the fine technology of your body. Using the Hatha yoga approach and other specialized techniques you tame your mind and anchor it into the body, visualizing the different postures. Through the postures you enable your subtle body to renew and heal itself as you are not only working with the physical body, but with the sophisticated field of energy and information of your body.

After the postures and breathing, the method uses Prathyhara the 5th limb of yoga (withdrawal of the mind from the sensory experience) to focus on the subtle body. This breaks the cycle of stress (anxiety, worries, uncertainty, etc.) as one is no longer attached to the past or anticipating stresses of tomorrow. When this state is achieved, similar to the state of deep sleep where there is no perception of time and space and all mental activity is suspended, deep relaxation occurs and facilitates the natural healing process.

With the Bali Method, you are working through the pranayama and the postures to experience the presence of the underlying source – the source of all material manifestation.

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