Happiness Program


Starts November  2017

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Experience a radical transformation in just five months!

Everyone deserves to be happy. Yet stress, family and job pressure have us racing around, depleting our inner resources. Worries and anxieties both locally and globally have taken over our minds and caused an epidemic brain drain. Many are fighting psychosomatic disorders such as depression, hypertension, insomnia, asthma – others, don’t even know what’s wrong.

We each have the power to take back our lives, and be healthy and happy. If you want to find deeper meaning, develop stronger relationships and harness the power of the mind, this program is for you.


Course overview

At age 93, Dr. Bali is a living example of health and happiness. He is offering this  Happiness Program using physiological, psychological and philosophical components from a Yoga perspective, including:

  • Study of human anatomy
  • Theory & practice of asanas, pranayama, kriyas and bandhas
  • Yoga  techniques, yoga training and practice
  • Eight steps of Hatha Yoga / Patanjali’s Sutras / study of various classical texts / Vedanta / Sankhya


The Dr.Bali Method Happiness Program is very similar to the Teacher Training Certification course, without the exams or teaching aspect. You benefit from all the insight and research that has gone into decades of Dr.Bali’s work. This program is not about learning perfect poses or becoming a lean, mean yoga machine – it’s about shifting from doing to being.

Meditation & Stress Management
Although meditation is often used as a stress management program, it is a spiritual practice for Enlightenment or Moksha. Both aspects (meditation and stress management) are covered comprehensively. This Happiness Program program will prepare and enable you to live your life and deepen your practice of yoga in a meaningful way. You will learn to understand the body from its physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspectives, as the quantum mechanical body.

The Happiness Program focuses on building inner resilience, strength and stamina, on prevention of psychosomatic disorders, on channelling emotional energy towards greater creativity, and on better time management and increased productivity.

You will also learn to access the field of all possibilities within to create, love, joy, happiness and abundance in everyday life, and awareness of your real nature, which is always sublime and blissful.

Different from the yoga teacher training course, there will be no mid-term or final exam. Participants in the Happiness Program will not be eligible for the Yoga Teacher Training Certification, unless enrolled in the yoga teacher training course. If you chose to extend your program, the balance of the cost for certification will be applied to the course fee.



When registered for the Happiness Program, you are eligible to attend all of Dr.Bali’s drop-in and 8 week course classes as well. This is to encourage you to deepen your practice and help fit more yoga into your schedule.

If learning and sharing the knowledge and healing technique of Dr. Bali’s Yoga method is something that’s been calling you, but that you have not been able to do because of the inability to afford the cost, please click on the link  to learn about the generous gift of Healing that Dr. Bali has decided to make accessible to all.

Program Details

The Yoga Happiness Program, under the guidance of Dr. Madan Bali PhD with his expertise on different aspects of YOGA and its highly evolved techniques, aims to overcome bondage from the human condition and rediscover peace, harmony and the joy of living.

This Happiness Program offers students a unique opportunity to draw on common aspects from diverse yoga traditions with the goal to develop a comprehensive yogic system of healing, wholeness and optimal wellness.

The word ‘yoga’ has come to be associated with a kind of physical exercise. Whereas, in the right sense, it is the development of consciousness that gradually evolves in meaning, and deepens in knowledge in order to inspire the ambition to live a fuller life.

Phase 1
We will explore the physical components that are essential to the practice, both as a means of improving overall health, and as a method of healing others with a variety of therapeutic needs.

Phase 2
The second phase of the Happiness Program will build upon the physical foundation to move deeper into the fusion of mind-body-spirit. This work will increase our power of awareness, love, and compassion. It will expand the sense of self and lift our own veil to see through to the luminosity of who we truly are.

Ultimately this program is a personal and shared journey to further discover, interact with, and manifest our blissful and sacred selves.

The yoga Happiness Program will run through a period of 5 months with 6-8 hours of training per week: Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings, weekly. 


Course Description for The Dr.Bali Method Happiness Program

  • Study of human anatomy and physiology – A Yoga perspective
  • Stress and emotions – Yoga as a practical methodology in management of stress and control of emotions.
  • Theory and practice of Yoga (includes Asanas, Prayanamas, Kriyas, Bhandas and Sacred Chanting).
  • Channelling emotional energy towards greater creativity, better time management and increased productivity.
  • Concepts of Yoga and its philosophy as applied in everyday life.
  • Eight steps of Hatha Yoga – Techniques & Training Methodology.
  • Meditation: its various forms and benefits.
  • Physical education and Yoga – developing various components of fitness through YOGA.
  • Diet – A Yoga perspective.
  • Yoga – as prevention and cure for stress and stress related problems such as anxiety, depression, hypertension, migraines, fatigue, asthma and chronic pain etc.
  • Yoga and meditation as practical and experiential knowledge.
  • Mind and memory – concentration, comprehension and will power – A Yoga perspective.
  • Kundalini Yoga – To refine our physical and spiritual DNA.
  • Study of four paths of Yoga, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and various classical texts on Yoga and Vedanta.