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Therapeutic Massage

One important aspect of the Bali Method is Therapeutic Massage. The goal is to decongest the deep tissues of metabolic waste and other toxins that the body accumulates through everyday stress and emotions. If the toxins remain for long periods of time, they may inhibit the body’s normal functions and may lead to illness.

The 90-minute session is designed with soothing background music to increase the relaxation response. Throughout the massage, Dr. Bali guides the participants with meditative techniques and reminds them of the infinite resourcefulness of the body. The body contains an automated technology with a mathematical precision and the ability help arrange and rearrange itself towards a state of homeostasis. When the body reaches a profound state of relaxation, like that of deep sleep, the body begins to mobilize itself.

Dr. Bali has identified the body’s pathways and developed a technique to decongest these pathways by opening up the capillaries to encourage the natural nutrients of the body to nourish the deep tissues and hasten the process of renewal and regeneration. This incorporates all the faculties of the mind and of the body to restore optimal healing and feelings of wellness.

The number of sessions and frequency will vary per person. Therapeutic massage can be beneficial for treating psychosomatic disorders such as asthma, hypertension, insomnia and other chronic issues. This technique is also extremely helpful for stress management.

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I’m so grateful for the sessions I have with Dr. Bali. I’m a busy entrepreneur and mother of two who rarely gets to relax. When I have my massage, it’s as if he hits a reset button that helps me recharge and I can get back to my hectic pace. Dr. Bali has taught me an important lesson: take care of myself so I can better take care of others.