Teacher Training Level 1


Starts November 2017


Follow Your Dream

Become A World Class Yoga Teacher

Dear Yoginis and Yogis,

The Dr Bali Method is a life changing course that teaches you how to transcend suffering. You’ll enjoy more peace of mind, self love and a great sense of inner joy and self fulfillment.

Why You Will Love This Course

  • Flexible schedule that allow you to make up missed class at your convenience
  • Small intimate classes which allow one on one attention
  • Unlimited one on one attention before or after class
  • Specially chosen yoga Asanas that are inclusive of all body types
  • Exclusive access to cutting edge research in the fields of neuroscience and neuroplasticity
  • Discover The Hidden Vedic secrets not shared at most yoga trainings worldwide


Cold Yoga Is Getting Hot Again

The hot yoga trend has peaked. Cold Yoga is back and stronger than ever. Learn an intuitive style of yoga you can teach in a room temperature studio that has mass appeal to new yoga students.


Designed For the Athletes & Non Athletes Alike

The Dr. Bali Yoga Method was created for Both athletes and non athletes.
If you are the athletic type, you will fit right in because the sequence allows you to challenge yourself and allows things to get intense.
At the same time, if you have a non-athletic body with normal flexibility like most people, you will still get as much benefits from the sequence as everyone else because it’s designed to encourage you to listen to your own body and ease you into the yoga postures at a comfortable pace.


Effortless Approach

Instead of pushing hard and straining, the Dr. Bali method encourages you as a future teacher to persuade your students to let go. Instead of being strenuous, its more about relaxing into a pose and respecting the limits of the body. Its not so much about having flexibility in the body. Its more about having flexibility in the mind. Being ok with where you’re at in a given pose on a given day. This leads to a stronger sense of self nurturing and self respect for you as a teacher and for your students.


Meditation In Motion

Postures are not so, much about building flexibility, muscle tone, or losing weight but more about using the posture as a “Meditation In Motion” which leads to taming an overactive mind. Technique and alignment is important. How you focus your mind during postures is just as important and beneficial.


Join A Community Of Like Minded People

All body types are welcome here. All colors are welcome. All creeds. All lifestyles. Everyone has the right to do yoga. Yoga can be tailored and customized for any human being on the planet. For any level of physical fitness. For any flexibility level. The stereotypical skinny flexible yogi is the exception not the rule. Yogabliss is a body positive studio. The sequence was consciously and purposely designed by Dr. Bali to be Inclusive of all body types.


Cooperation. Not Competition

The atmosphere in our cozy, intimate, medium size studio is one of community above all else. There are no mirrors. Practitioners are encouraged to close their eyes which De-emphasizes the natural tendency to look around and compare ourselves to others and be in a state of competition.


Just Say No To Ageism

No Ageism Here! We are very welcoming and actually encourage a well balanced group. We have students in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s. This is the true spirit of yoga isn’t it! Not just a slogan! Come by to a drop in class to experience this for yourself.


A Payment Plan To Ease Your Financial Load

We understand that any yoga certification is a financial commitment that is not taken lightly. Flexible monthly payment choices are available to you. The studio can also work with your current financial situation to give you accessibility to this course.


Scheduled For Those Who Want To Accomplish Great Things In Less Time

Instead of concentrating the certification over half a year or 12 months, we chose instead to have the course at optimum times and days. 3 times a week over a 3 month period so that you can receive your certification as quickly as possible and get back to your busy and productive life.


Come Join Us At YogaBliss!

Your body will feel great! Your mind will feel clear. your soul will feel nourished. Your heart will be filled with light.
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