Yoga Bliss Studio


Established in 1969, by Dr. Madan Bali, PhD, the Yoga Bliss Studio has become one of Montreal’s most renowned and trusted health centres. Long before Lululemon, Zen décor and Bikram popularity, Dr. Bali was not only a seasoned yoga practitioner and professor, he was a pioneer.

While over a dozen teachers offer a variety of courses at our studio, they all have one thing in common: The Dr.Bali Method.

The Dr. Bali Method is a holistic approach to yoga that incorporates all aspects of human physiological, psychological and philosophical components. Learn to develop each for optimal physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.  Dr. Bali’s method focuses on showing us how to tap into our inner pharmacy and use our body’s innate intelligence for healing and wellness.


Yoga Bliss Studio is located in downtown Montreal, just steps from Guy-Concordia metro station.