Yoga – The Gift that Keeps Giving

We’d like to take a special moment to share the news that our beloved Dr. Madan Bali has been on a spree to spread more love than ever as he has decided to so generously make the gift of Healing accessible to all.

You have probably noticed how some people pay thousands and thousands of dollars to travel all the way to India in a quest for wisdom, insights and well-being. With Dr. Bali’s teachings and direct knowledge of one of the world’s most ancient physical, mental and spiritual traditions, let India come to you, right here, right now, in the city of Montreal.

Considering that there is so much sadness, anxiety and existential human suffering in the world, in almost 50 years of teaching, Dr. Bali has realized that Yoga is the complete prescription for health, happiness, healing and creating abundance in our everyday life.

The main reason for most people not to be able to take advantage of this most effective and therapeutic system is due to the inability to afford the cost of the Yoga teacher training course he offers, one that creates a happier and more fulfilling life that is accessible to all. In order to overcome this difficulty, he has therefore decided to offer those unable to cover the cost of the course and those meeting the norms established by the studio to benefit from a payment arrangement adapted to their means.

If you think this arrangement can help, please call Dr. Bali in order for you to discuss your situation and make a suitable plan that will allow you to overcome some of the obstacles of life that seem challenging but that can be entirely conquered by applying the ancient wisdom and power of Yoga.

As we are all united through this great experience that is life, it is also our dearest wish that you, as a teacher some day, be able to pay it forward and help someone else in a similar predicament in order to make this world a better place to live in.

God bless you!