TYME with Dr Bali

Dr Bali at the Omega Institute

Introduction to the Dr Bali

CBC Interview

Introduction to the Dr. Bali Method

Radio interview with Dr. Bali, CBC

The Bali Yoga Method as a Complementary Treatment for Breast Cancer Patients

Just Being

Planet Yoga Documentary

Meditation session with Dr.Bali at Om Festival 2014

Dr.Bali: Awareness and Identities – Om Festival 2014

Dr.Bali: wisdom through practice – Om Festival 2014

Dr.Bali: Tap into the technology within – Om Festival 2014

Dr.Bali: Understanding postures (asanas) – Om Festival 2014

Dr.Bali explains the OM symbol – Om Festival 2014

One with the Source


Interview: benefits of therapeutic yoga with Dr. Bali Method


  1. Louise Fox | October 3, 2015 at 11:54 am

    Just want to say THANK YOU. You came into my world as I listened to Panache Desai when he was at the Omega Institute. I loved you the moment you spoke about your understanding of the power we ready and have always had through this incredible body temple of ours.
    Mine is presently overweight and sluggish and I understand I have the power to change this for the perfect body weight shape and size, that maximises the life potential that is within me. Not for vanity, but for self empowerment, honour to our creator and source of all wisdom light and love. And for the support and glory of all those wanting g to come back to themselves.
    Thank you. I would love to learn more from you but am far from Canada. I live in the UK and currently do not have my own income. I know financial support is being offered to me from the Divine and I endeavour to allow myself to relax enough for this path to open up to me so I may receive all the good that the glorious universe has for me.
    My love and deep gratitude to you and the presence of your dear spirit and soul in my world. Xx

    • Christian Masson | March 22, 2016 at 12:21 pm

      Thank you for your kind words.


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