Expo Yoga : plus qu’une expo, une expérience!

Dr. Bali will be one of the main presenters at Expo Yoga

Montreal will be hosting its first major yoga exhibition where about 10,000 people are expected. It is set to be a huge event with the wonderful mission of uniting people from all walks of life to understand and experience first-hand the benefits of Yoga. More than just an exhibition, Expo Yoga is an all-encompassing event that will hold over 60 workshops, conferences, and master classes for all levels of people, from beginner to advanced. Partake in this celebration of life and health and bathe in the insights and knowledge of the greatest teachers and masters whose sole purpose is to get the same message out – the message that all the resources you need are readily available for you to heal yourself and create abundance in your life. These conferences will teach you about how to awaken that power.

Granting us with his unique knowledge in Vedanta, Dr. Bali will be one of the main presenters. Having been brought up in India, and having immersed in the knowledge and insight of great mentors, Dr. Bali will be sharing his method, a technique that has successfully helped thousands of people heal and attain pure health for over 50 years now. The Bali method teaches practitioners how to use their brain’s finest technology to decongest our gut – our second brain – by hardwiring the brain-body connection in order for healing to become spontaneous. It is by using the knowledge that the Bali method teaches that a shift in consciousness can occur. By teaching us how to tame and suspend our mental chatter, and therefore learn to live in the present moment and allow fear and anxiety to subside, Dr. Bali will help us get a feel of the healing power of Now. With the Bali method, increase your creative powers and tap into your full potential.

FEBRUARY 11 – 12, 2017 – Palais des Congrès, Montréal
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