AnandaOm & Yoga Bliss Retreat in Costa Rica  

The AnandaOm Yoga Bliss Research and Training Center Retreat that took part in Posada Natura Mountain Retreat in February, built by architect and owner Gustavo, was nothing but bliss! The event attracted a beautiful fun loving group of 13 participants who came back home more relaxed, rejuvenated and joyous than ever with new insights and wisdom. It was a blessed experience in a true paradise where amazing people gathered to marvel at spiritual healing Mother Nature with its river, waterfalls, lush scenery, and sacred geometry. During this weeklong stay, attendees also enjoyed organic plant-based nutrition in a place of unique architecture with a sweat lodge, sauna, and swimming pool. The Manuel Antonio Park and beaches were absolutely superb.

It was the perfect setting for a retreat of spiritual awakening given by Grand Master in Reiki Brana, and legend of Yoga Wisdom, Dr. Madan Bali, opening our consciousness and uniting us to the five natural elements in an atmosphere of love and joy where we danced our hearts out, sang and shared unforgettable moments of deep heartfelt laughter, happiness and euphoric well-being. We remember fondly our crystal ceremony with Gustavo & Luke and our Reiki Family. Feeling so very blessed for the unique opportunity we had to center ourselves at the beginning of the New Year, an opportunity to heal and grow. Join us next year!

Click here for a little preview of one of the many rituals we had in honour of Divine Mother Nature.